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Top Priorities

  • ​Align Curriculum with Industry Needs:

    • Ensure that educational programs and curricula are tailored to meet the evolving demands of local industries, preparing students with relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Enhance Career Readiness:

    • Develop and implement programs that provide students with hands-on experience, internships, and apprenticeships in local businesses.

  • Professional Development for Teachers:

    • Facilitate opportunities for teachers to receive training and support from industry professionals, keeping them updated on the latest trends and practices.

  • Community Engagement:

    • Foster strong relationships between schools and the business community to support educational initiatives and improve student outcomes.

  • Resource Sharing:

    • Leverage the resources and expertise of local businesses to enhance school facilities and programs.

  • Facilty Improvements

    • Build new school in Disctict 5

    • Upgrade facilities at Columbia , Williams and Providence.

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