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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

My role as a Board member is to set goals for the Superintendent to improve the overall school system.   The Superintendent handles the day to day operation of the school district.   The Superintendent is responsible for presenting ideas that support the goals set by the Board members.


As your district five representatives, I will work with the superintendent and board members to bring actionable solutions to our school district.   I will meet with PTA’s across the district and host town hall meetings to share information about our schools.   I feel that communication is the key to having an informed and engaged community working alongside our schools.   Your voices will be heard and issues in our schools will be resolved.

About Carlos

  • Current District 5 school board member

  • Huntsville native and graduate of Huntsville City Schools

  • A former member of the Huntsville City Schools Policy Committee

  • A Former Huntsville City Planning Commission

  • A Former Huntsville Council PTA’s Vice President of Legislation

  • A Former Johnson High School PTA’s Vice President

  • A Former North West Cluster of PTA’s President

  • Current member of all District 5 PTA's

  • A 20-year resident of District 5

  • B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Small business owner

I"I am inspired to pursue the District Five seat with a vision that transcends my own tenure. I believe every student deserves a top-notch education, laying a sturdy groundwork for their future endeavors. I am committed to maintaining and surpassing the high educational standards set for all Huntsville City Schools. My mission is to plant seeds for the future, nurturing educational excellence that may extend beyond my time in office. Let's embark on this journey together and sow the seeds for a brighter tomorrow!"

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